How to design for the multiverse of interconnected products.

TrustTheVote Election Technology Framework by Dubberly Design Office.

You are on the bus swiping down your social media news feed. The algorithm, acquainted with your tastes, suggests ads about a topic you discussed with a friend two hours earlier. It’s a cold night, and as you get closer to your house, you tap the smart home app to turn on the heat before you arrive.

You get home to find that your partner threw away a garment they bought two months ago. You can’t help but visualize all the waste accumulating in the world. Overwhelmed with dread, you head to the basement to check on your crypto mining…

Tips to convert your summer internship into a full-time job!

Illustration by Felic Art

Internships are an incredible opportunity to grow your professional and interpersonal skills. Some internships can act as launching pads for a career within the company and beyond. Many interns start their internships with one goal in mind: securing the coveted return offer.

For many students, the pressure to perform well and land the return offer comes with high anxiety and stress levels. I embarked on my Google internship journey aspiring towards receiving a full-time offer and, while at times stressful, having this long term goal motivated me to excel at work throughout the summer.

With the summer well underway, and…

Here’s how I transitioned from architecture to tech in two years.

Photo by Bogdan Karlenko on Unsplash

During my last semester of architecture graduate school, I decided to change careers. Changing career tracks was a tough decision to make considering the three years I spent studying to become an architect and the massive amount of loans I incurred to pay for my dream school.

However, the disparaging debt-to-income ratio I would have as a working architect didn’t sink in until my last year. The realization of the low starting salary afforded by the architecture track meant I would have to make the minimum loan payments while the interests rapidly accrued over 25 years.

After coming to terms…

…after being rejected the previous year.

I feel bad for the Android robot.

Interning at Google has been a longtime dream for many students, including myself. With less than two months before the application window opens for the Google UX internship, now is the perfect time to start preparing your application materials.

A brief background on my journey to Google

In 2017, I finished my three year long masters of architecture program at UPENN and decided to embark on a new journey. Recently turning 26, I packed my bags, moved to San Francisco, and enrolled in another graduate program at California College of the Arts. This time, I had my aim set on…

What does it mean to question everything? What path will my insatiable curiosity lead me down? Can I exhaust myself with new knowledge? What does it mean to accept the status quo?

These are some of the questions that I binge over at 3:00 a.m. when I am bored with Netflix, I’ve run out of Instagram stories, and have had a little too much to drink while listening to Rina Sawayama.

As I grow into interaction design I carry with me the influence of my past experiences in various disciplines including architecture and interior design. However, after 7 years of…

Ricardo Hernández Pérez

Designer, crypto enthusiast, and recovering architect. Interaction Designer at Google, but views are my own.

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